You can use a note for feedback plots. For example, this is what 100 dots look like.

Wow, right?

by the way

In Excel you can make linebreaks using Strg+Enter (Windows) or Alt+Apple+Enter (Mac).
You can start a new paragraph by using a blank line.

In the label column you can use HTML und Markdown and knitr. Here's a very handy reference guide.

Make text bold through __bold__, make it italic through *italic*.


All available widgets follow. They should work in all current and fairly many older browsers.


How many Gods?
Depending on what you answer here, you get a different question next. Try it out.


Choose one!

A multiple-choice/radio button question with more choices. We can give more spaces to the choices by specifying a CSS class in the class column.


mc_multiple or multiple-multiple-choice/checkboxes.

Now you can select several choices. The choices appear comma-separated in the results.

rating_button 5

What do you prefer?

You may want to use rating-buttons as an item-type for your studies, because they look nice and are easy to handle. You can force the width of the labels on the side to be constant using classes.

rating_button 5

You have the choice between a variety of visual styles (and eternal suffering and complete meaninglessness).

You get these blank buttons by adding the class blank_button.

rating_button 1,20,1

Class analogue_rating_scale. Do away with labels, simply let your users pick a point on the scale. These may be better than the sliders below, because they don't have a default value (which will be "picked" very often by lazy participants).


Who do you love more?

An mc field with larger buttons that are easier to click. It looks best, when the text on each button is of comparable length.


What are your hobbies then?

An mc_multiple field with larger buttons. To differentiate it from mc_button which would otherwise look the same, I recommend adding the class square. It's worth calling people's attention to the fact that multiple choices can be selected.