formr survey framework

chain simple surveys into long runs, use the power of R to generate pretty feedback and complex designs

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Core Strengths

The core strengths of formr

Live Feedback

generates live and interactive feedback, including ggplot2, interactive ggvis and htmlwidgets. In our studies, this increases interest and retention. See examples.

Reminders, invitations

sends automated reminders via email or text message, you can generate custom text and feedback here too

Responsive Layout

all platforms and device sizes are supported (about 30-40% of participants fill out our surveys on a mobile device)

Share & Remix

easily share, swap and remix surveys (they're just spreadsheets) and runs (they're just JSON). Track version changes in these files with e.g. the OSF.

Use R

use R to do anything it can do (plot a graph or even use a sentiment analysis of a participant's Twitter feed to decide which questions to ask)

Secure and open source

Participants can only connect via an SSL-encrypted connection. Learn more about security on formr.

What formr can do

These study types (and others) can be implemented in


Surveys with feedback

generate simple surveys via spreadsheets. With and without feedback. Use R to generate feedback


Complex Surveys

complex surveys (using skipping logic, personalised text, complex feedback)


Eligibility Limitations

filter your participants with eligibility criteria.


Diary Studies

do diary studies with flexible automated email/text message reminders


Longitudinal Studies

do longitudinal studies. The items of later waves need not exist in final form at wave 1.


Longitudinal Social Networks

let people rate their social networks and track changes in them


This is pretty much brand new software and is supplied for free, open-source. As such, it doesn't come with a warranty of any kind. Still, if you let us know when formr causes you trouble or headaches, we will try to help you resolve the problem and you will get our heartfelt apologies.

If you're the technical type (or employ one), you might consider hosting a stable release of formr yourself, because this version of formr tracks the most recent pre-release and will thus sometimes have kinks.